Nigel Heggarty Race Report - May 19th Paris, ON

June 4, 2008

Provided by:  Nigel Heggarty

Wow, the first real half mile of the year. I was really pumped to get out there. My Dad and I were talking and since the payout was so bad and we aren't really racing this series why not just ride expert today? So I thought about it for a while and then decided why not? Practice went well the track was loose and pretty rough. The bike worked well and I had no problems with the rough track. In my 450 Expert heat race I had a decent start and ended up 3rd. In the Open Expert heat I finished 8th due to a poor start and the fact I couldn't see where I was going because of the dust. I was pretty disappointed with my ride and almost high sided 3 times. For the 450 we set the bike up just like it was in practice. I rode pretty well in that race and the bike worked perfectly. I ended up 4th, the Open Expert race was a blast. I had to start in the 2nd row but I got a good jump and held it wide open through the first corner. As soon as we got to the back straight I may as well have been going backwards. Everyone flew by me. I did my best to stay with the group ahead of me. I just focused on getting the best drives possible and carrying lots of corner speed. I ended up 7th in the main. I was really happy with that race because I didn't make any mistakes and I was smooth throughout the 12 lap main event.