Nigel Heggarty Race Report - June 8th, St. Marcel, QC

July 3, 2008

Submitted by:  Nigel Heggarty

In my first practice the track was very dry and slippery and I couldn't go anywhere. By the time our second practice came around the track was totally different. My bike was on rails. I felt very confident going into the heats. Just as it was time to start the heat races he rain began to pour down. It rained pretty hard for about 20 minutes and turned the entire area into a sea of mud. We waited and waited until the CMRC officials decided they where going to go work on the track to see what they could do. A couple hours later the maintenance crew had managed to get the track into a some what rideable condition. We went out for the main and were allowed some practice laps.  I spun it out half way down the back straight passing a slower rider. I had moved off the "line" to get around and  then crashed in a deep muddy spot. That's how slippery it was. I lined up for the race completely covered with mud and the bike missing a foot peg. The race went ok considering. I got a horrible start but managed to keep it upright for the race and finished off in third place. I was pretty disappointed.

We left St. Marcel just before midnight and then pulled another all night thrash to get back home for work and school Monday morning.  Busy weekend.