Nigel Heggarty Race Report - June 21st, Welland ON

July 3, 2008

Submitted by:  Nigel Heggarty

I felt really good in practice. The track was very dry and dusty but I had it figured out. As the sun began to set the moisture began to rise, I started to go backwards. I rode well in my 450 expert heat race. I missed qualifying on the front row by one spot. As for the 600 expert race I had some tough competition. Everyone in my heat was once or is a Canadian National Champion. I got a horrible start and never recovered so I was off to the third row in the main for that one. My main events went a little better. In my 450 race I got a good start and ran in 6th for almost the whole race until the second last lap where I was passed on the outside of turn 3 and 4. On the last lap in the same spot I went in hard but so did John Parker. He drove it in deep and got a little high but managed to save it and getter turned down and managed to hold me off by a couple feet. The 600 expert race was not looking good. I was starting in the third row but when the light went I got a killer start. Going into the first turn I was sitting in about 7th place. I held onto that. Everyone was right on me trying to get underneath me. I held on for almost the entire race until I got a little high out of 2 and the pack just freight trained by. Overall I ended up with a 12. Not the best but I sure am getting a lot of good experience. Im learning more and more every weekend and having a blast!