Marco Dube Ste-Julie Race Report - May 25th

May 28, 2008

The ice is broken!

This weekend was the first round of the Canadian championship in Ste-Julie. It is always pleasant to see everyone; there was a lot of nervousness in the air. I was quite proud to show my new colors to all the fans. Yes I'm talking about my new Kawasaki bikes but also about superb FXR Racing 2009 gear, my new Xtreme helmets and also my new chest protector with nice graphics.

Here's the resume of my weekend, I arrived ready and pump. First race, I was second in the first corner. I dropped down to the third position but everything was under control during the 3 laps. Within the fourth lap, I hit a kicker on a jump and I knew I could not clear the jump so I ejected myself off the bike. I fell on my two feet and tailbone, I also dislocated my thumb. Back in 33rd position I tried to do my best to get back in the race but I could not stand on my bike and I finished in 20th position.

Back to the truck I put ice everywhere, tailbone, the hip, the knee and the ankle. I relaxed and I tried to concentrate for the second race.

I had an ok start and I passed approximately 14th after the first lap. I gave my best of what I had left in me and I managed to finish 6th place.

I believe I showed everybody that the vet was ready, that I did my homework well and that people will have to look at me as a contender for the podium because I have the speed, the shape and the equipment to go up on the podium each weekend this season.

My teammate, Cristian Huidobro, had his fair share of difficulties this weekend. He did not qualify for the final. Cristian was in some way intimidated and nerveous because it was his first national in Canada and his first contact with those deep ruts. He had lost precious seconds on every corner so he could not qualify.

We want to thank our sponsors: Equipe les Chutes, Amsoil, Atpac, FXR, Elka, Géroquip, Magic Screed, Pirelli, OCR Necessities, Geavan, Xtreme, Renthal, ADM Sports,Scott USA, PG Graphics, Alpinestars, Akropovic, EK Chain, SDG USA, Orthoflex, Engine Ice, Leatt Brace.

By the way, I want to say that I was probably the only one to not suffer martyr on the start, because I did not feel any of the rocks because of my new RXR chest, thanks to motovan!