Marco Dube Race Report - Sand Del Lee

September 16, 2009

On August 8th & 9th, I went to San de Lee to participate in the National Championship. I decided to race in both series. It is fairly rare nowadays to see that because the time between races is too tightly scheduled. Very few guys are in shape enough to be able to pull it off. But, as I still consider myself a young pup, I thought I would be able to participate in at least three of the four races scheduled that day.

At the start of the first MX2 race, several participants fell on me. I managed to remain standing on my bike but other bikes were stuck on mine and as a result, I was the last one to start. After a few meters, I realized that the gas handle on my bike was jammed. I had to push my bike to my mechanic to get the repair done. When I finally managed to get going, the leaders of the race had already completed half of the first lap. I raced back to the track and finished in 17th position. I worked hard to manage this recovery. As soon I got to my truck after the race, the bell announcing the last 20 minutes before the MX1 race rang!  Wow, that came so fast!

I went to the starting gate and I was sweating like crazy from all the effort I put in the first race. I forgot to tell you that the temperatures, including the humidity factor reached 40o that day. I finished the MX1 race but I was tired and I had cramps because I had run out of time and had not been able to drink enough water. It doesn't matter, as I still managed a decent performance and finished 12th. I came back to the pit and what did I hear? The bell announcing the MX2 race!  Holy moly! My whole body was in pain. I tried to drink and get re-hydrated and off I went.

I did well at the start of the MX2 race but I ran the whole race in survival mode because my body was hurting everywhere. I raced to the best of my abilities and was surprised to see that I was able to finish ahead of several younger racers who train a lot and who had only participated in one race that day. Nothing could be better to boost one's spirit! I finished 11th.. I loved the experience and would like to it again in Walton. However, I plan to race only the second moto in MX1 so that can give my best in MX2.