Marco Dube Race Report - Kamloops National

June 16, 2009

Submitted by: Marco Dube

Two weeks ago I went to the first Canadian championship in Kamloops B.C.  I have to first thank Rob Crawford for welcoming me on his truck over there and to Rod Runzer for landing me the bike for the weekend.  Unfortunately, the race did not go as I wished.  After 2 laps in practice on Saturday, we had a mechanical problem and we seized the engine.  So my mechanic rebuilt the engine with 2 different bikes. We simply ran out of time to setup my bike.  So I finished 9th and 12th.  Results that are far from what I can do.  I should have gone to B.C. 2-3 days before the race to set my bike but I didn't have enough time.  Last weekend I went to Pohenegamook SX in the SX Quebec series.  I have to give thumbs up to the organization.  Everything went well.  I won all the motos I entered. I gave a good show to the 1500 spectators who were there. A big thanks to all my sponsors and to Rob and Rod once again for their support.