Marco Dube Race Report - June 29th

July 3, 2008

Submitted by: Marco Dubé

The fourth round of the Canadian championship took place last weekend in Regina, and it was another difficult one for me. Since the first crash in St-Julie, physically I am not 100% healthy. Both crashes in Gopher Dunes did not help either. As I said to you before, I was not able to train much since the beginning of the season as I am continuously trying to heel injuries. This weekend, I did nothing but make my situation even worse than it already is. I lost the front of the bike in the bottom of a valley...results; I compressed my vertebrae D3, D4 and D5. Now I have 2 weeks to get back in shape.  I hope I will have enough time to heel, if not; I will have to miss a national to help get back in shape and be able to perform the way I should. I am really sorry that the season is going this way. It is not the start to the season I was looking for. To tell you the truth, it has been the most difficult beginning of season in my entire career. I will continue to work hard to return and get some podium finishes by the end of the season.

Cristian is improving his results every weekend. Race after race he gains a little more confidence. Cristian must have better starts to continue improving his results. The first goal for him this season was to come here and gain race experience. For a young 19 year old Chilean guy, to make the trip all the way over to Canada, to learn how to read lips in French and English and to make a championship run in as many competitions, it is a lot to take on.

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