Marco Dube Race Report - June 15th

June 19, 2008

Submitted by:  Marco Dubé

The third round of the Canadian Championship is now finished. Sunday was a day of rain, sun, wind and cold, lots of cold. I had two good starts, but once again I have made too many mistakes. I fell more than once in each race. I finished 10th and 15th. I am very disappointed, but the idea of being discouraged is far from my mind. Luckily I did not hurt myself this weekend, so I will be able to train on my bike all week long. Since Ste-Julie, I did not practice much on my bike because I had to let my body heal from the crashes that I had suffered. Even if I had trained at the gym, if you don't practice on the bike you can lose your reflexes. That was my problem this weekend.

Cristian had a lot of new adventures this weekend. Unfortunately he got a flat during the first race and finished 33rd in the second moto. It was his first touch with the concrete start. The ruts and the mud gave him lots of trouble, in Chile they don't race if it's raining...

Thanks to all sponsors that make this possible.