Marco Dube Race Report - FMSQ Endurocross Saint-Benoît Labre

June 17, 2009

Last weekend, I was racing in an Endurocross in Saint‐Benoît Labre. The first and late time I competed in Endurocross was in 1999. I went to the race to have fun, with no strategy. I was racing my KX450F. It was not the ideal bike for the race, but I did not want to put my race bike (KX250F) through these types of conditions. My suspension was way too stiff and my gas tank was smaller than that of all other rider.

Just before our race started, it began to rain and it was cold. I did not have a good start, so I entered the first section (the wood section) with many riders in front of me. Whatever, I passed riders and when I entered the second section, I was about 7th or 8th. In the second section, I was in my element; it was like a nice long motocross track without any jumps.

So, I was fast and passing riders, and ended up in 4th place by the end of the first lap. After the check point, I had to stop to change my goggles, so 2 or 3 riders passed me. In the second lap, I had a good run and I managed to catch up and get ahead those same riders in the second section. I cleared the check point in 4th. I had to stop to fill up my tank because I didn't know if I could race another 22 minutes with what was left in my tank. Once again, those same riders passed me. Finally, these guys had to stop on their 4th lap to fuel up and I was, at that point, in 2nd place. For them it was the only pit stop of the entire race, but I knew I had to stop one last time before the end of the race. So in the 5th lap, I stopped to fuel up again. In that lap, I fell in the woods and the guys passed me again. It didn't matter. I was making ground on them in the second section and I entered the woods by their side. I knew that if everything went well, I could finish in second place, because I knew I could get ahead of them in the second section. Unfortunately, I got a flat tire and I had to slow down to finish. I completed over one lap on my flat tire. I finished 5th.

I really had fun. I will probably compete in another Endurocross soon. Even though I'm racing with my 450, I know I can be on the podium and maybe even win. Next time, for sure, I will have real hand guards as I had to slow down at every lap in the woods section so I wouldn't injure my hands. You can go on for lap times and pictures.

Next week, I will be racing at the first Canadian nationals in Kamloops in the MX2 class. I will let you know in my next report how everything went.