Marco Dube Race Report - COLISÉE DE QUEBEC AX

June 17, 2009

Last weekend, it was the Colisée de Quebec AX. Like I mentioned the week before, I still had to work on my bike to get the best setting possible. With that done, my bike was A1 for this race.

I had a really good day of racing. Throughout the night, I held the best or second best lap time. I finished 1st in my qualifier and 2nd in my semi-final. I was more than confident that I would reach the podium in the Finals, even though I was in pain from a crash in my first practice.

In the Finals, I was second in the first corner. I stayed in that position for 4 laps, studying Eric Nye in the lead. I was taking my time to pass him at the right moment. On the 5th lap, Mason Phillips was following me and he decided it would be easier to take me out of the race rather than passing me. He hit the rear wheel of my bike and I left the track. The race was finished for me at that point, because I was already 2 laps behind them by the time I restarted the bike. Like I always do, I finished my race and I tried to give a good show to the spectators. I finished 11th.

Thanks to all my sponsors,