Lascorz Just Misses A Podium Spot

June 3, 2009

Provec Kawasaki rider Joan Lascorz started the 18-lap Supersport race at Miller from pole position, but he was not quite able to keep pace with the leading riders in the final laps.

He had to settle for fourth in the race, and fifth in the championship standings, equal on 73 points with Andrew Pitt. Joan suffered a heavy crash in the morning warm-up that left him with a sore right foot for the race itself, but it only made its presence felt on the final few laps.

Katsuaki Fujiwara was unlucky to have a bad start in his race, and had to work his way back through the field to finish his raceday 13th, scoring points all the same.

Fujiwara is 13th in the rankings, on 29 points, only one point behind the 12th place rider.

The next round is at Misano, a track that should suit both riders and machines, on June 21.

Joan Lascorz: “My foot is not so bad, only in the last four of five laps did it cause me any problem. Sofuoglu passed me very fast and when he went by me I tried to stay with him. I made my fast lap then, but I could not stay with him, and he went on to win. My tyres were OK, and maybe the settings in this race we found were good for the chassis but we needed a little more from the engine. That was a small difference but we have a new bike this year, and it still has great potential.”

Katsuaki Fujiwara: “Normally I don’t have so many problems in the start but today it seemed that the engine was revving very high but I was not going so fast away from the line, so maybe there was some slip. I was about 20th or 21st into the first corner. The bike is better but we could not move forward so fast because of where we were after one lap. The suspension was good and the chassis set-up as well.”