Kawasaki victorious again at the French championship

March 24, 2010

Boog wins the three race program in Romagné and now leads the MX1 standings. The MX2 standings are lead by Frossard and Van Horebeek. Aranda was not fully fit yet and faced some difficulties.

Kawasaki Racing Team:

One week after celebrating his first heat win in Pernes les Fontaines, Xavier Boog dominates the third round of the French Elite Championship in Romagné. Winner of the three races of the program, he is the new leader of the series two weeks prior to the opening GP in Bulgaria.

After two rounds on hard tracks the series moved to Brittany and found different conditions, with a wet layout after some rain in the week. The grip was fantastic, the ruts deep and numerous, and of course this track was physically demanding even if the weather was just overcast during the race day. Winner on Saturday in the MX1 qualifying race, Xavier started the first race in the top three, and moved in the lead after a couple of laps to beat Anthony Boissière. A crash at the second turn of moto two cost Xavier to enter the race far from the leaders, but the KRT rider was at his best and joined the leading group for a final assault. He was fifth before the last ten minutes, and became the hero of the crowd when he passed all his rivals, including Gregory Aranda during the last lap to win his second race of the day. The third and last one was easier as Xavier started among the top four and passed all his rivals; he was the ‘man of the day' and ended the event with three heat wins, the fastest lap time and of course the leadership of the series before the fourth round scheduled on May 1st in Gaillac Toulza.

Xavier Boog: ‘It was a great weekend, the track was demanding but it was OK and I enjoyed it. I'm happy as I felt more and more comfortable on the bike, which is going better and better thanks to the adjustments the technical staff made on the suspensions and pipes. I feel stronger every week, I lost time at the beginning of the season with a finger injury but now I'm ready for the first GP where I will go confident after this pair of good results in the French series. Now I'm going back in the Netherlands to ride on sandy tracks, and then will spend a few days at home to practice on other surfaces before leaving for Bulgaria'

Kawasaki Team CLS:

The third and last round of the French Elite series before the opening round of the World Championship has been similar for team CLS Kawasaki Pro Circuit, as both Steven Frossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek dominate the MX2 class. The two riders lead strongly the series, and are now focused on the opening GP in Bulgaria in two weeks time.

For Steven, Jeremy and all the staff the French series was a great opportunity to prepare the GP season, and after two rounds on hard and fast tracks Romagné was another opportunity to face different conditions. The ground was wet when the team arrived in Brittany, and the riders enjoyed the rutty and demanding track even if it was not always easy to race against the 450. As usual Steven was the strongest MX2 riders during the first two races, scoring a 3rd and a 4th position while Jeremy finished 7th and 6th. The Belgian kid got his best start in the last race, and when Steven did a mistake and crashed in a rut ‘The Jerre' took this opportunity to lead the MX2 pack. Despite his comeback Steven never found the possibility to pass his teammate, who scored as usual his best result in the last race with an excellent 3rd position. Fourth right behind him, Steven won the overall classification followed by Jeremy; both are strongly leading the series with four more round to go, and will now focus on the GP's with the opening round in two weeks time. Steven Frossard: ‘The track was totally different than Sommières and Pernes, and I enjoyed racing in Romagné. We come here yearly for the French series, but I never saw this circuit so demanding! Our main problem with our 250 was to race against the 450, as they always throw mud on your face when you come closer... Even if you're faster it's sometimes difficult to pass them, and I didn't took any risks to win my class. I had a small crash in the last race and Jeremy passed me, nothing really important as we finished 1-2. We could see how performing are our bike are also in these conditions, now we'll finalize our preparation for the Bulgarian GP in the Netherlands and later in South of France'

Kawasaki Bud Racing:

Leader of the Rockstar Energy Drink French Elite Championship after the first two rounds, Gregory Aranda faced difficult conditions in Romagné where he did his best, one week after his big crash in Pernes. He is currently third of the series, and has two weeks to recover before the first Grand Prix in Bulgaria.

Last week in Pernes Greg kept the leadership of the series, but everyone in the Bud Racing staff knew that Romagné would be difficult. Unable to train during the week and always suffering from severe headaches, Greg proved once more how courageous he is now to enter the event. Runner up behind Boog in the qualifying race, he was in third position during the opening race when he crashed and lost some positions. Eventually finishing sixth, he was leading most of the second heat until Boog passed him in the last lap! Another sixth position during the last race where he felt more headache than ever put him fourth overall; he is now third in the standings, with four more races to go. After a strong opening race where he grabbed a fifth place, Nicolas Aubin retired twice and let his young teammate Dylan Ferrandis defend the colors of the team; 15th and 13th on a different layout than usual for him - the track was rutty after a rainy week, while Dylan usually train on hard and fast circuits - Dylan finalized his preparation for the French Junior series which will kickoff next week.

Gregory Aranda: ‘I came to Romagne without training; I just visited twice my physiotherapist in the week, but after the hard work we put on this winter that was not so important. Jacky strapped again my ankle, I had no pain but I never want to put my right foot on the ground and that was a problem on a slippery and rutty track. The worst thing was headache, as I can't keep my concentration and even had vision troubles when I was riding; I'm able to post a fast lap, and the next one I'm four seconds slower. On Sunday morning I crashed again on my head, the races were tough and during the last heat it was terrible. I will have a pair of exams this week; it's frustrating for me as everything went perfect until this crash in Pernes'


Results Race 1:

1. Boog (KX450F-SR); 2.Boissière; 3.Frossard (KX250F); 4.Herlings; 5.Aubin (KX250F); 6.Aranda

(KX450F); 7.Van Horebeek (KX250F); etc...


Results Race 2:

1.Boog (KX450F-SR); 2.Aranda (KX450F); 3.Boissière; 4.Frossard (KX250F); 5.Herlings; 6.Van Horebeek (KX250F); etc ... ; DNF.Aubin (KX250F)


Results Race 3:

1. Boog (KX450F-SR); 2. Boissière ; 3.Van Horebeek (KX250F); 4.Frossard (KX250F); 5.Soubeyras;

6. Aranda (KX450F) etc ...; DNF.Aubin (KX250F)


MX1 Championship standings:

1. Boog (KX450F-SR), 196 pts; 2.Boissière, 180; 3.Aranda (KX450F), 175; ... 7.Pourcel (KX450F-SR), 69; etc...


MX2 Championship standings:

1.Frossard (KX250F), 162 pts; 2.Van Horebeek (KX250F), 139 ; 3.Lefrancois, 68 pts; 4.Musquin, 63 pts; 5.Aubin (KX250F), 61 pts