Kawasaki Remains the Beast of the East

March 10, 2009

Christophe Pourcel continued Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s domination of the Eastern Region of the AMA Supercross Lites championship, winning his third race of the season.

Teammate Austin Stroupe won his heat race, but crashed on the first lap of the main event, and was unable to continue. In the supercross class, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto finished sixth while Timmy Ferry fractured his heel on the second lap and did not finish.

As Pourcel continues his ride for the supercross championship, he is showing his veteran experience. Rather than sprinting out of the gate, the French rider rode with reserved aggression. He waited until the later stages of the main event to push up to the lead. As the lites East Coast season crosses the halfway point, Pourcel has won three of the four races.

It was a tough Night for Stroupe. After winning his heat race, Stroupe got a good start in the main event and was up front on the first lap. Contact with Martin Davalos sent him flying into the tuff blocks. The damage to Stroupe’s bike was extensive and he was unable to continue.

Villopoto rode a strong race on the long track that saw lap times well over a minute. The rookie was looking to earn another podium finish before having to settle for a sixth place finish.

Ferry was one of the fastest riders during both afternoon practice sessions. In his heat race he got caught up in the first turn and found himself in the back of the pack. Red Dog battled his way up to ninth and the final transfer position into the main event. On the second lap of the main, Ferry crashed at the end of the whoop section fracturing his right heel.

Quote Pourcel: “The start wasn’t easy for us, I got out okay and was riding around for the first couple of laps. I was patient behind the leader because I knew he would get tired. It was really exciting and when he made a little mistake, I took advantage. About lap nine I started pushing to the front and I passed for the lead. I was running my fastest laps at the end and that’s how I want to win.”

Quote Stroupe: “I rode well today. In the heat race I got up to the front and won. I think I could have won the main event too. We were up pretty high in the air when we hit,” said Stroupe. “I landed on a tuff block and it pretty much destroyed my bike. The chain was broken so I couldn’t keep racing.”

Quote Villopoto: “It was an okay night. I got out of the gate well, but when James (Stewart) went down in the first turn it caused a big pile-up. I was pretty far back after I got through the mess. I started off a little slow, but I was picking my way up and got to third. Then I stalled the bike in some braking bumps. I hit one of the big ones and accidentally stood on the brake and stalled it. I rode with Chad (Reed) for a long stretch. I was able to pass a lot of guys. It was a fun race. It was kind of like an outdoor, so it broke up the season.”

Quote Ferry: “I swapped in the whoop section,” said Ferry. “I thought I had it saved and grabbed the throttle. I caught my right foot on one of the last whoops and went down. I hurt my foot pretty bad.”

Supercross results round 10
1. Chad Reed, Suzuki
2. Jason Lawrence, Yamaha
3. Davi Millsaps, Honda
4. Mike Alessi, Suzuki
5. K Windham, Honda
6. R Villopoto, Kawasaki
19. Tim Ferry, Kawasaki

Supercross Point standings after round 10
1. Chad Reed, Suzuki, 224
2. James Stewart, Yamaha, 213
3. Andrew Short, Honda, 163
4. Josh Grant, Yamaha 153
5. R Villopoto, Kawasaki, 140
10. Tim Ferry, Kawasaki,

100 East lites results round 4
1. Chris Pourcel, Kawasaki
2. M Davalos, KTM
3. Nico Izzi, Suzuki
4. M Lemoine, Yamaha
5. Wil Hahn, KTM

East lites Point standings after round 4
1. Chris Pourcel, Kawasaki, 97
2. Nico Izzi, Suzuki, 82
3. Austin Stroupe, Kawasaki, 59
4. M Davalos, KTM, 56
5. Wil Hahn, KTM, 52