Kawasaki dominates first round of the French MX championship

March 8, 2010

Aranda took an impressive overall win in Sommieres last weekend, closely followed by Boog who finished second. In MX2 Frossard took the overall win with teammate VanHorebeek finishing third overall.

Kawasaki Bud Racing: 

Winner of the three heats during the opening round of the French Elite Championship, Gregory Aranda confirmed in Sommières his huge progression for his second year on a 450. Teammate Nicolas Aubin wasn't so successful but confirmed his speed, while Dylan Ferrandis scored his first point.

The southern track was sunny on Saturday but cold on Sunday, due to a strong wind and later some snow showers! Winner of the MX1 qualifying race Gregory did a ‘hat trick" on Sunday, winning the three races on one of his favorite layout. He grabbed a holeshot and two strong starts in the following heats, and led all the races after a few laps. But he had some strong opponents, with Xavier Boog and Anthony Boissière who both pushed hard during the first two races. In the last one Greg made a gap with his rivals and claimed a strong win ; he will arrives next week in Pernes les Fontaine as ‘the man to beat' with new opponents as Sébastien Pourcel, Marvin Musquin and Michael Pichon will enter this event.

Fastest rider during the timed practice period and runner up in the qualifying race behind Frossard, Nicolas Aubin struggled with his start on Sunday. Coming back from 17th to 5th during the first heat, he will have to stop for a few laps in the following race when he received a stone in his stomach; he ended his weekend with another come back in the last heat, and is currently ninth in the standings.

Gregory Aranda: "I had some strong starts today, and with three heat wins that's a good weekend.

Anthony during the first race and Xavier in the second one put me some pressure, I was glad to beat them twice and then to dominate the last heat. I was more focused and didn't take care of my rivals; I just wanted to make a big gap. I want to thank the team, they prepared a great bike and I feel how strong their motivation is. Now I've a good fitness and want to get some great results in the GP's, I know that I can do it."

Nicolas Aubin: "It was a good day, I was pleased with my riding even if the results are not what I was expecting. On Saturday I battled with Frossard for the qualifying win, but I had some arm-pump and let him go. My first start was not good at all, I came back from 17th to 5th and in the following race I was hit by a stone against my stomach and had to stop for a few minutes. I rode safe in the last one when it was snowing, then increase my rhythm and came back with Herlings, Boissière and Frossard."

Kawasaki Team CLS

Steven Frossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek, both involved in the opening round of the French Elite Championship organized on the southern track of Sommières, claimed a podium result with an overall win for Steven and a third position for Jeremy.

Winner of the MX2 qualifying race on Saturday, Steven Frossard grabbed on Sunday three strong starts in the races mixing 450 and 250 riders. The French rider came early in fourth position behind the fastest MX1 riders, and then led easily the MX2 class to dominate his rivals for his second race aboard the 250 Kawasaki Pro Circuit. Teammate Jeremy Van Horebeek had some troubles with the layout on Saturday; not used to ride on stony and slippery sections, he felt more comfortable on Sunday and improved his results in each race. 9th, 6th and 7th he scored a third position overall and will defend his positions next week-end in Pernes les Fontaines, another typical southern track home of the second round of the series.
Steven Frossard: "That's never easy for us to race among the 450, they're fastest on the starting line and then they trough you stones during the races. I didn't have any fun this weekend, but the goal was to test and get used to the Pro Circuit Kawasaki. I started in the top six, then did my race but didn't take any risk as our main goal is the World Championship."

Jeremy Van Horebeek: "It was a tough weekend but also a great one, as I didn't ride on such a typical track since a while! It was difficult on Saturday, but then I had a better feeling and improved my results in each race. I know what I can do on sandy circuits, and I also know on which tracks I must train to be stronger; the French series is a great opportunity for that."

Kawasaki Racing Team:

For his comeback in the French series after several campaigns in Germany, Xavier Boog claimed a second position during the opening round in Sommières. It's the second podium in a row for team KRT, as Jonathan Barragan won last week the opening round of the Spanish series in Talavera de la Reina.

Traveling to South of France after two weeks of training in Belgium, Xavier didn't found the same track conditions on the sunny layout of Sommières in South of France. Second of the qualifying race on Saturday, he got on a cold and windy Sunday pretty good starts as he was always in the top four, and then battled for the win during the three heats. He lost his chances during the opening race, when his rivals didn't respect the marshal's flag and made the gap with him. Third behind Aranda and Boissière, he was more aggressive in the following one to pass Boissière and chase Aranda who won the second and third races. With three podiums, Xavier is currently second of the series and will be joined by Sébastien Pourcel for the round of Pernes les Fontaines next week.

Xavier Boog: "I'd some minor troubles in the first race, but overall I reached my goal this week-end and that's good as this track is not my favorite. It took me some laps to find the good grip, but I got great start and scored big points in each race with a third and two second positions. I didn't take any risk in the last race when it was snowing; the main goal is to prepare the GP's. "


Race 1: 1.Aranda (Kawasaki KX450F); 2.Boissière ; 3.Boog (Kawasaki KX450F-SR) ; 4.Frossard

(Kawasaki KX250F); 5.Aubin (Kawasaki KX250F)....9.Van Horebeek (Kawasaki KX250F) ; etc...


Race 2: 1.Aranda (Kawasaki KX450F) ; 2.Boog (Kawasaki KX450F-SR) ; 3.Boissière ; 4.Frossard

(Kawasaki KX250F); 5.Bellino ; 6.Van Horebeek (Kawasaki KX250F) ; etc..


Race 3: 1.Aranda (Kawasaki KX450F) ; 2.Boog (Kawasaki KX450F-SR) ; 3.Boissière ; 4.Frossard

(Kawasaki KX250F); 5.Herlings ; 6.Aubin (Kawasaki KX250F) ; 7.Van Horebeek (Kawasaki KX250F) ; etc...


Championship standings : 1.Aranda (Kawasaki KX450F), 75 pts ; 2.Boog (Kawasaki KX450F-SR), 64 ; 3.Boissière, 62 ; 4.Frossard (Kawasaki KX250F), 54 ; 5.Van Horebeek(Kawasaki KX250F), 43 ; 6.Teillet, 42 ; 7.Bellino, 40 ; 8.Soubeyras, 39 ; 9.Aubin (Kawasaki KX450F), 32 ; etc...