Kawasaki dominates also the second round of the French championship

March 18, 2010

A successful weekend in Pernes-les-Fontaines for Kawasaki at the second round of the French championship with 2 race wins, 6 podiums and leading both the MX1 and MX2 championship standings.

Kawasaki Racing Team:
Sébastien Pourcel was one of the ‘guest star' who joined the regular pack of the French Elite riders for the second round of the series in Pernes les Fontaines. For his third race of the season Seb claimed his first win since the 2008 Motocross of Nations, as he won one of the three day races and the overall classification. Seb didn't got any decent start, but recovered promptly to come back in the top five during the opening lap and then battle for the win. He won the first moto, but in the second one was defeated by teammate Xavier Boog who was luckier when the leading group came back among the lappers.

Xavier won his first even French Elite race after a frustrating opening heat, as he stalled twice his engine and lost many ranks. Marvin Musquin got the holeshot in race 3 but both Xavier and Sébastien were on his tail; Xavier was his first opponent, but later Seb pushed and passed Marvin during the last lap. The French kid reacted immediately and overtook Seb again for the race win, but Sébastien won the overall event. Xavier is now, with one point behind Aranda, second in the championship standings.

In Spain Jonathan Barragan confirmed his domination, and counts now four consecutive wins in the Spanish series; winner two weeks ago in Talavera de la Reina he claimed two other success in Seville, and took each race as a good opportunity to get used to his factory Kawasaki. The next round of the series is in two weeks time in Tenerif.

Sébastien Pourcel: ‘That's a great feeling to battle for the win, but for sure that would be easier with better starts. I came here to win the three races, I think that I could do it but I lost too much time during the opening laps to recover. During the second moto the lappers were a problem, I crashed when I passed one and lost the race. We offered some great racing to the fans, the last race was good for them as I battled with Musquin until the finish line; I passed him in the last lap but he reacted and I crashed, that's racing. The program of a French Elite round is tough with two practice session and a qualifying race on Saturday, then another practice and three races on Sunday; I didn't felt tired and that's positive for the future'

Xavier Boog: ‘My first race wasn't as good as I was expecting, as I stalled the engine twice and lost too much time in the incident. I wanted some revenge in the following race, and that's exactly what I did with my first Elite win. Then in the last race I was comfortable in second position behind Musquin, but in the last ten minutes I felt tired. I probably pushed too hard early to come back from seventh position to the first one, but I'm happy with the weekend especially on a fast southern track which is not my favorite'

Kawasaki Team CLS:

Steven Frossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek are leading the MX2 French Elite Championship after the second round of the series, as both came on the rostrum for the second weekend in a row. After Sommières one week ago Pernes les Fontaines was another fast and hard pack track, but this time the MX2 riders were competitive against the powerful 450. During the first two races Steven was fighting for the win, and he just missed two and a half second in the first one to beat Sébastien Pourcel. In second heat he was again racing for the heat win against Pourcel, Boissière, Boog and Musquin when he lost his chances in a small crash after a collision with a lapper. Fastest rider in this second race, Steven was unable to race in front of the pack during the last moto as he received a stone in the stomach during the first laps. Fifth overall and second MX2 rider behind the reigning World Champion, Steven is leading the series followed by his teammate Jeremy Van Horebeek. Discovering another fast track different from the Belgian circuits, Jeremy claimed a sixth place in the three heats but made huge progress through the weekend.

Steven Frossard: ‘I'm satisfied with the first two races, the last one wasn't as good due to a painful stomach. During the second race I lost all my chances when we joined the lappers, I had a small crash but the most important is that I had a good speed all weekend long. On Saturday I was lucky when a stone came in my foot peg just before the biggest jump of the track, I did a ‘superman' and then didn't took any risk as our main goal is the World Championship, not the French series'

Jeremy Van Horebeek: ‘We did some training in South of France between Sommières and Pernes, but that's not enough to be competitive against the Frenchies who are borne on these tracks. I felt more and more comfortable through the weekend; the hardest period for me is the first ten minutes, then I'm always stronger. Now we've to work on my start, here it's always tough against the 450' Kawasaki Bud Racing

Gregory Aranda was heroic in Pernes-les-Fontaines, where he raced with a serious ankle injury to defend his leadership in the Elite French Championship.

It could have been much worse for him, as the crash of Gregory during the MX1 qualifying race on

Saturday was impressive when he landed heavily on the hard ground. Suffering from a concussion the Kawasaki Bud Racing championship leader twisted his right ankle, and then just posted a few laps to qualify during the last chance session before going to the hospital for x-ray. Nothing was broken, and on Sunday morning Greg tried to ride with a swollen ankle and a serious strapping. Fifth and eighth of the first two heats, Greg got a great start in the last race and battled for the heat win to score a fourth position; fourth overall of the MX1 class, he keeps the series leadership for a small point!

Nicolas Aubin had a weekend to forget, as he just scored ten points during the event. Forced to retire in the opening race when he received a stone in his helmet and goggles, Nico crashed then at each start and just saved some points during the second race. MX2 teammate Dylan Ferrandis got better results and scored points in each race, with a fifth position in the class during the second race.

Gregory Aranda: ‘Everybody told me on Sunday morning that it was better to rest, but I had to try to ride by respect for the team and all the people who work around me. It was not too painful during the warm up, Jacky Vimond did a strapping and I kept my boots all day long. It was Ok for the first race, but during the sighting lap of the second heat I had so much pain that I had tears in my eyes on the starting grid. Then I crashed during the race at the same place than yesterday, I had no feeling with the rear brake pedal due to the injury and the strapping; the third race was easier for me, I got a great start and came second to finish fourth. Now I will have further exams and special treatment in the week, I hope I will be able to race next Sunday in Romagné for the third round of the series'

Nicolas Aubin: ‘It was a difficult weekend, nothing went well. When I received a stone during the first heat my helmet was damaged and my oggles destroyed, it was impossible to continue with the dust and stones. They watered the track and I slipped in the first corner of the second race; I was under the bike and lost time to restart, but came back eleventh. The last start was even worst as I couldn't restart the bike after another crash'


Race 1: 1. Pourcel (KX45F-SR) ; 2. Frossard (KX250F) ; 3. Musquin ; 4. Boissière ; 5. Aranda (KX450F) ; 6. Van Horebeek (KX250F) ; ... ... ; 9. Boog (KX450F-SR) ; DNF. Aubin (KX250F) ; etc ...

Race 2: 1. Boog (KX45F-SR) ; 2. Pourcel (KX45F-SR) ; 3. Boissière ; 4. Musquin ; 5. Frossard (KX250F); 6. Van Horebeek (KX250F) ; 8. Aranda (KX450F) ; 11. Aubin (KX250F) ; etc ...

Race 3: 1. Musquin ; 2. Pourcel (KX45F-SR) ; 3. Boog (KX45F-SR) ; 4. Aranda (KX450F) ; 5. Boissière ; 6. Van Horebeek (KX250F) ; 7. Frossard (KX250F) ; DNF. Aubin; etc ...


Championship standings
MX1: 1. Aranda (KX450F), 122 ; 2. Boog (KX45F-SR), 121 ; 3. Boissière, 115 ; 4. Soubeyras, 80 ; 5. Bellino, 77 ; 6. Pourcel(KX45F-SR), 69

Championship standings
MX2 : 1.Frossard (KX250F), 106 ; 2.Van Horebeek (KX250F), 88 ; 3.Musquin, 63 ; 4.Aubin (KX250F), 43 ; 5.Teillet, 42 ; etc...