Kaven Benoit's Race Report - Ste-Thecle and St-Ambroise

July 28, 2008

Here are my results from the last 2 provincials.


Pro 125: 1-1   I beat JSR in both motos

Pro 250: 2-2   The first moto I battled with JSR all the way but was not able to pass him.
I continued to make my name with all the battles with JSR the spectators were screaming and they all liked the show especially in the 125 motos because I was stretching him out.


Pro 125: 2-1     1st overall

Pro 250: 1-2     1st overall
In the second moto of pro 125 Marc-Antoine Genreux and I stretched out JSR. I had another good battle with JSR in the 2nd of pro 250.