Kaven Benoit Race Report - Saint Apollinaire

June 18, 2009

Class: Pro

Name of the race: Challenge Quebec

Date of the race:  July 13th to 14th

Location of the race:  Saint-Apollinaire

Race Results: 1st Overall, Moto1: 1st, Moto2:  1st, Moto3:  20th 

Highlights: I led both motos 1 and 2, finishing ahead of Christian Gilbert by over 10 seconds. I got the holeshot in the first race.

Objectives for the next race: Practice my starts during the week to be able to get all the holeshots during the next race event.

Favourite MX race moment: I started Moto2 in second place, and then I surprised Christian Gilbert and passed him from the inside. Two laps later, I had to remove my transponder because it was trapped in the electronic box and hindered the movement of the handlebar. I had to throw it in my pants to continue the race. I won anyway.

Special thanks to: Canadian Kawasaki Motors, Équipements les Chutes, Motovan, Factory Connection, 139 designs and Kbmxschool.