Kaven Benoît Race Report - St Thècle

August 11, 2009

The 6th round of the CRMC National Series took place last weekend at Ste-Thècle, Quebec. I was looking forward to this weekend because I am very familiar with the track and I was performing for my fans in Quebec. However, Mother Nature was not on our side. Since 6 AM, heavy rain had been falling on the Ste-Thècle Race Track, making the track almost impossible to race on.
As I managed to get the 4th place during the practice, I set my hopes for a podium finish. When we were ready to start the qualification race, a heavy rain began to fall once again. I was 10th for the two combined qualification groups (6th in the second qualification race). The MX2 Class had two heat groups and the track was a lot drier for the first group, which slightly affected the results.
I was relatively confident during the first race and I had a good start, in the top 10. At the end of the first lap, I was in 5th or 6th, but then I started to have problems with my goggles, just like everyone else, due to the poor track conditions. I found myself in 12th place and battled steadily to finish in 9th place. The second race was cancelled because of the temperature and the condition of the track, which was no longer fit for racing.  
This weekend I will be going to Moncton, New Brunswick, for the 7th round of the CMRC National Series.