Kaven Benoît Race Report - Sand Del Lee

August 17, 2009

The 8th round of the CMRC National took place last weekend at Sand Del Lee, near Ottawa. At 8 in the morning, the sky was already grey, bringing the risk of rain to the competition. We were lucky however, as it didn't rain at all during that day.
Last year, at that same race track, I had finished 5th overall, the best results of my season in the Nationals. I was wondering if I would be performing as well this year?
In the first race I started in the middle of the pack and right from the first turn, I got myself in 8th approximately. At mid-race, I fell and restarted, finishing the race in 9th place.
In the second race, I was confident, and I knew that if I managed to have a good start, I could finish in the top 5. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a better start than in the first race. However, I am proud of myself. I raced well, overtook several riders and battled fiercely with the top 10 for a better position. I finished 7th and also got 7th overall for the day.
Next weekend I will be in Walton, Ontario, for the final round of the CMRC National. I will be performing at my best and I surely hope to stand out.

Kaven Benoît