Kaven Benoît Race Report - Gopher Dunes

July 24, 2009

I finished 8th at the qualifying event taking place in Gopher Dunes. The sandy track is known to be the most difficult of the circuit. During the first moto, I was 20th out of the first turn, and reached the top 10 after 2 laps. I gave it all I had until the end and even made a spectacular passing move on Brock Hoyer of Leading Edge Kawasaki in the last lap. I finished 6th.

The second moto started well with a start in 4th, but I had a stroke of bad luck in the first lap and fell to the ground. I had to start again from last but managed to finish 7th. I got 7th overall. I was aiming for the top 5, but I am still happy with these results, which are my best overall son this track. I had a great time on the Gopher Dunes track this year compared to previous years as I was much better prepared physically for the race.

This weekend the CMRC Championship will take place in Sainte-Thècle. This race is the only one held in Quebec and I hope to make my community and my sponsors Equipments Les Chutes proud. I will give it my best and aim for a podium finish.

Kaven Benoît