Katsuaki Takes Front Row Start

June 22, 2009

Katsuaki Fujiwara’s ambition to take a top four start came to life after a professional and high
paced ride in a wet and dry qualifying session put him on the front row of the grid for Sunday’s

This is Katsuaki’s second front row of the season, and a positive omen for Katsuaki is that after qualifying fourth in Spain he went on to secure a top five race finish in the Valencia race.

Joan Lascorz finished tenth in a qualifying session that had both wet and dry periods, and ended with another very light rain shower with only two and a half minutes to go. After suffering a crash early the session, in wet conditions, Lascorz was unable to push as hard as he wanted in the final laps, and had to settle for tenth, and a third row start.

There is only one official qualifying session for each WSS race in 2009, but on a boiling hot first day, with track temperatures over 50°C and air temperatures into the mid 30s, Lascorz was second fastest in practice, on settings based on the previous Miller Motorsports Park race. Fujiwara was tenth at that point before turning it into fourth today.

Katsuaki Fujiwara: “Everything went not so bad today, and it came step-by-step. For wet or dry we have some track time already but today it was not really full rain. We rode for most of today with dry settings and just adjusted things a little as the track surface changed. Whatever conditions we have tomorrow we will be starting from a good position on the front row. We worked well today, so I hope we can take a good advantage tomorrow.”

Joan Lascorz: “Yesterday we started out with a good base set-up from the race in America, and because of that we knew we could come back to it if we needed to. So we tried a few more radical things with the suspension and set-up but they did not work out the way we hoped. We went back to more normal settings in the afternoon qualifying session but I fell in the rain early on. I think the lack of dry track time, and getting mixed up with other riders when I was trying to go for a faster lap at the end, stopped me from improving my time and starting position. There were some spots of rain on my visor towards the end, so I was not sure how hard I could push again.”