Karen Grujic takes 3rd place finish for Bulldog Powersports and Kawasaki

April 29, 2008

RACE Regional Round #1 – April 20, 2008

Karen Grujic takes 3rd place finish for Bulldog Powersports and Kawasaki
Saturday’s qualifying session left Grujic with a 4th in RACE Women’s Expert and a disappointing 20th in Amateur 600.  Knowing she is faster then a 20th position, Grujic took the time on Saturday evening to walk the track and figure out where she was making all her mistakes.
As Sunday’s race day started, she was bound and determined to finish both Amateur 600 and Women’s Expert in a better position then she had qualified.
With a shot gun start, she managed to launch herself into 11th position in Amateur 600, and after a grueling 12 laps, ended up settling with a 14th place at the checkered flag.  A much better position then what she had qualified.
As the ladies rolled up to their start positions in Women’s Expert, she noticed the pole
position of pilot Marie Boucher had been switched to the far outside.  This left Grujic to take the inside grid position. 
Underestimating the power of her 2008 ZX-6R, Grujic launched another shot gun start stealing 2nd place into corner one.  Bound and determined to hit the podium this race, Grujic’s persistence paid off, crossing the checkered in 3rd place, and smashing her Novice Women’s lap record time with, a 1:08.3.
“Thanks to all who helped make this weekend possible; Canadian Kawasaki, Bulldog Powersports, Accelerated Technologies, Hindle, Shark, Kimpex, Vortex, Mimic Industries, Xtreme Graphics, and a special thank you to my husband Steve, for believing in me.”
Next race is May 2-4, 2008 at Shannonville’s Nelson Track.