Jordan Churcher's Race Report - July 22nd

July 28, 2008

MX1 moto 1 I got off to a bad start but rode hard the whole race and made my way up to 4th place. Moto 2 I got a good start and was pressuring the leader for the whole race until I forced him to make a mistake and passed him for the lead.  I placed 1st place in moto 2. I placed 1st place overall for the day.

MX2 moto 1 I got a bad start and rode strong the whole race and got 6th place.  Moto 2 got a decent start and charged threw whole race, I got caught in a crash but managed to get back up and finish 5th  in moto 2   I placed 5th overall for the day.

I would like to thank my sponsors for all their support Canadian Kawasaki Motors, Mckee Sport, Castrol Canada and Hindle Pipes