Jordan Churcher's Race Report - Gopher Dunes May 3rd/09

May 12, 2009

Submitted by:  Jordan Churcher

MX1 Intermediate
1st overall- Moto # 1 Had a bad start around 17th worked my way up to 3rd place by the end of the race. Moto #2 Got a 3rd place start got into 2nd place battled for a lap then I took the lead and pulled away, ended up1st in moto 2

MX3 Intermediate
4th overall- Moto #1 start did not go so well, had a first corner crash but worked my way up to 6th by the end of the race Moto #2 Had a lot better start and rode hard the hole race and made it up to 4th place by the end of it.

Looking Forward to Auburn Hills For the 2nd ANQ May,10/2009

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