Jordan Churcher's Race Report - May 4th

May 8, 2008

I was at Gopher Dunes for the 1st ANQ last Sunday and the track was muddy and cold do to all the rain from Saturday. The 125 intermediate class went well, I got 5th overall and in the first moto I was tp a bad start and worked my way up from last to 7th place. The second moto went well with a 8th place finish giving me a 5th place finish overall. 

In the 250 intermediate class first moto I suffered some mechanical problems with burnt out clutch but thanks to Kirk Mckee for his support with putting in the new clutch and jetting the bike because of the weather. In him doing this I was able to get a better finish in my second moto. In my second moto I placed 7th and ended up with a 14th overall finish.

Looking forward to the Walton ANQ on May 10/11