Jordan Churcher Race Report - RJ Motorsport

October 26, 2009

It felt good to be back after 10 weeks off due to a broken wrist. It rained the night before and the track was in good condition and stayed good all day overcast skies made it so there were no need to water throughout the day.

MX1 Intermediate

Moto 1 Pulled the holeshot and put my head down pushing myself and charging throughout the race trying to improve every lap to gain a bigger lead I lead the whole race and finished the race with a 10 second lead.

Moto 2 Pulled the wholeshot again the track was getting rougher as the day went on and due to track changes there were some very choppy spots which took more skill to go fast I lead the whole race and ended up first overall for the day.


Moto 1 Got off to a bad start because I stalled the bike which left me on the gate while the others were already around the first corner also made the race even harder because I had to come through the pack I charged through the race passing as many riders as I could trying to catch up and trying to get through the slower riders as fast as I could and to catch the front of the pack I finished moto 1 in 7th place.

Moto 2 The gate dropped and I charged towards the first corner I came out of the first corner in 3rd place trying to keep up with the pros, I rode my strongest the whole race trying to find faster lines to gain time on the leaders the track was choppy at this time since it was the final moto of the day and finding smooth lines was getting difficult. I rode as hard as I could to finish the race in 4th place.

Thanks goes out to my sponsors- Canadian Kawasaki Motors, Mckee sports, Hindle Pipes, Castrol Canada and Pro - Tech Suspension.

Thank you for all of your support.