Jordan Churcher Race Report - Port Perry

July 15, 2009

Sunday, the track was well prepped and ready to be raced on.

MX3 Intermediate Moto 1 - Into the narrow first corner, I came out in sixth place. Choosing different lines throughout the track trying to pass riders, I finished the race in fourth place.

Moto 2 - I had another strong race for the first four laps. On the final lap going through the whoop section, another rider came across the whoops and took out my front wheel which caused me to cartwheel through the whoops shattering my left wrist. I finished the race in 20th to take second overall in the Provincial Championship in the MX3 Intermediate class.

MX1 Intermediate Moto 1- The gate dropped and everybody was headed to the corner. I came out of the corner in fourth. I rode hard and charged the whole race pushing myself to finish the race in 2nd place.

Moto 2 - As I broke my arm in MX3, I had to continue racing through the pain. I rode as hard as I could with one Hand, I needed to gain at least 4 points to hold on to the number one plate. I managed to get the points that I needed and won the provincial championship in the MX1 Intermediate Class.

Thanks go out to my sponsors- Canadian Kawasaki Motors, McKee Sports, Hindle Pipes, Pro-Tech Suspension and Castrol Canada.
Thank You for all your support. It helped me achieve one of my goals in obtaining a Number One Plate