Jordan Boon's Race Report - June 7th & 8th

June 12, 2008

Provided by:  Jordan Boon

Sand Del Lee Motocross Track.

Saturday June 7th.
My first race was the qualifier for 125 Junior. I got a mid pack start and crashed half way through my first lap but the race was red flagged because of a problem with the gate. For the restart I got a good jump and got the holeshot. I ended up in 3rd position for that race. My first 250 Junior race I got another good start and held it on strong for 4th place. My first GP Junior moto I placed 4th. In the 125 Junior main I got a good start and I was around 5th place but made a few mistakes that put me back to 9th overall. In my second 250 Junior race I got a top 5 start and held my position for 5th, which gave me a 5th overall in that class. In my second GP Junior race I got a good start and I was in 5th place closing in on 4th when I miss shifted and stalled the bike. I got it started and finished up 9th that race, which gave me a 6th overall.


Sunday June 8th.
My first race in 125 Junior I got a mid pack start and qualified in 8th position. In my first 250 Junior moto I didn't get a great start and had to work my way up the pack for 5th place. My first GP Junior moto I got a bad jump off the start and there were crashes left and right. Trying to avoid them all I ended up getting hit hard and did not finish that moto because my elbow was throbbing so much I couldn't hold on to the bars. I iced my arm and went out for the 125 Junior main. I got a bad start and tried working my way up through the pack, fighting for positions while I was in alot of pain. I only made it up to 17th position. For my second 250 Junior moto I got another bad start and worked my way up to 6th for a 6th overall.