Jordan Boon's Race Report - May 4th

May 13, 2008

In the first race of the year at Gopher Dunes #61 Jordan Boon was off to a good start. He finished 1st in his 125 Junior qaulifier, and went on to finish 3rd overall. He also finished 2nd overall in 250 Junior.

In the first Amateur National Qualifier/Provincial he finished 3rd in his qualifier in 125 Junior, 2nd in his GP Junior qualifier, and he came in 2nd in his first moto of 250 Junior. Unfortunately a horrific crash in the whoops in the 125 Junior main prevented him from being able to continue his race day.

After a visit to the doctor he should be fully recovered in two weeks, unfortunately missing the second ANQ/Provincial race at Walton.

He is excited for the third ANQ in Paisley and hopes for continued good results.