Joan Lascorz Medical Condition Update: 17 May 2012

May 17, 2012

Following the accident at Imola on April 2nd, Joan Lascorz has completed his initial recovery at the University Hospital Vall d'Hebron and has now been transferred to the Guttman Institute.

After the last statement issued on April 27, Joan has been recovering respiratory capacity after post-traumatic complications after the accident.

A few days ago the medical team at Hospital Vall d'Hebron withdrew the cannula tracheostomy thanks to good performance of Joan’s respiratory system. Joan remains fully conscious, talking, without any mental consequences and remembers all the Imola crash, which in due time will be analyzed and explained.

Joan has sensitivity and mobility in his arms and hands, but right now has no feeling in the legs or the abdominal area.

After the doctors and therapists have checked him at the Guttman Institute a detailed medical statement will be issued to explain the full extent of his severe spinal cord injury and his potential recovery.

The team and Joan want to pass on their thanks to all doctors and nurses of Vall d'Hebron for their dedication and attention to Joan.

Again Joan and its family would like to thank everyone for outpouring of support that has been evident during this time. Especially those of all his peers, as was demonstrated by all superbike riders both in Monza and Donington, Sykes, Haslam, Melandri, etc.

Also Lorenzo, Espargaró, Marquez and all the riders that showed support and had Joan's symbol in their fairings and helmets in the last MotoGP race. It was very emotional to see Espargaró and Marquez fighting for victory in the last GP of Portugal, with tributes to Joan in the screens of the two fairings. To them, to all the teams and everyone who cares every day about the situation of Joan, thank you very much.

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