Jessica Foster Race Report - May 25th

May 27, 2008

Last weekend was the opening CMRC Pro National round in St. Julie, PQ. Bow Cycle got my flights all ready for me so I had nothing to worry about. My father drove out from Sault Ste. Marie with my best friend Sarah and her father to help me out for the weekend. Joe/Robert Skidd from Superior Suspension Settings were kind enough to get my bike prepped for me and bring it out from Ontario. I am so thankful to all of them for helping my Direct Cash Bow Cycle Kawasaki make it to the East rounds.

The weather was amazing and track held up perfectly. The track got some gnarly ruts come time for our practice, something of which we don't see much of here in Alberta. At first I was floundering like a fish in them, than got back into the groove and felt much more comfortable.

I had some pretty embarrassing starts in both motos. Way back in the pack. The ruts actually helped out with passing cause we had lots of line choices.

Moto 1: I was able to catch up to Jocelyn 4th in moto one, where we then had a fun battle. Lappers/Yellow flags made it really hard to pass, as you're not allowed to when ones out. This actually made the race between Jocelyn and I a really interesting battle.

Results: 1-Sarah Whitmore, MI. 2-Jacqueline Ross, FL. 3-Heidi Cooke, NS, 4-Jocelyn Killough, 5-Jessica Foster, AB 6-Jolene Van Vugt, ON 7-Danaye Giroux, SK

Moto 2: Started from way back again. This time it took me a bit longer to get around some girls. By two laps to go I finally had Jocelyn and Jolene within sight. By the checkered they were about 10 secs ahead. Too bad, just a couple more laps. Cant complain though, the CMRC gave us 20 min + moto's and treated us so well.

Results: 1-Ross 2- Cooke 3-Whitmore 4-Van Vugt 5-Killough 6-Foster 7-Giroux

Overall: 1-Ross, 2-Whitmore, 3-Cooke, 4-Killough, 5-Van Vugt, 6-Foster, 7-Giroux

Killough, Van Vugt and I are only one point apart each. Looks like we will have some great battles this year. Overall I'm really happy and excited to be back out racing again after a long winter. I fell really confident going in to the next rounds with my speed and fitness level. (Thanks Schumlick!)

I was the first non-factory supported rider in the standings!!! Thanks so much everyone for helping me get there.

Next: I have ordered a holeshot device for next weekend. Hopefully that will help keep my front end down so I can be right there with the girls from start to finish, not trying to catch up. Rob and my brother have vowed to help me practice starts too. Anyone who knows them, knows they won't give in either. LOL

This weekend coming up- May 30th-June1st is the Gopher Dunes National. Can't wait to get in the good old sand again. This track is always our fitness tester. Looks like it may be a rainy weekend. Can't say I'll mind that in the sand.

I can't say thank you enough to everyone that is making this season possible. I'm having a great time.

Thanks so much to: Direct Cash ATM as well as Bow Cycle, Kawasaki Canada, Superior Suspension Settings, Amsoil, Troy Lee Designs, Oakley, OGIO, Hinson, VP Fuels, DC shoes, Weisco, PerformX, Transworld MX, Cometic Gaskets, Rude Girls, Mom and Dad.