Guillaume St-Cyr Race Report - Ste Veronique

June 30, 2009

Name: Guillaume St-Cyr, # 100

Class: 65cc (10-11 yrs olds), 65GP, 85cc (7-11 yrs olds)

Series: MX La Relève Provincial championships

Event date: June 20-21 2009

Event location:  Ste-Véronique


65cc (10-11 yrs olds): 1st moto: 1st,     2nd moto: 1st,   overall: 1st
65GP:                          1st moto: 2nd,    2nd moto: 2nd,   overall: 2nd    
85cc (7-11 yrs olds):  1st moto: 5th,    2nd  moto: 1st,   overall: 3rd    

Highlights: In the 85cc class, Guillaume races on a 65cc, yet he still started first and finished first in the second race! Wow!

Objectives for the next race: Complete the race and, if possible, finish first.

Special thanks to: Équipements Les Chutes Kawasaki, Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc., KB MX School, LCR Competition, Remax Victoriaville, Vic Roulant Victoriaville.