Freedom Cycle Race Report - AMRCA Round 2

June 26, 2007

Jeremy Burgess (# 1)
With our team mates returning from the Canadian National round in Mt. Tremblant, Quebec with some new set-up information, I was eager to try it out on my own bike. This is my third race season on the same bike so I’m very comfortable with the total set-up of the whole bike.  I was a little apprehensive about the drastic change, but I tried it, and it worked great!  I was able to put down some fast laps in qualifying pretty early. Satisfied with my qualifying times, we started to get the bike ready for the race the next day. I wasn’t able to make it out for morning practice on Sunday, but when the Superbike race came around, I was rested and very eager to get out on the bike and have some fun. The weather was perfect, and the bike worked flawlessly. A few set-up issues came up during the race, but I’m sure that the men at ProTech suspension can solve my small problems with a few clicks of suspension adjustments. All in all, it was an excellent weekend, I finished second behind National Suzuki Pilot Clint McBain.  It’s going to be a long wait until Round 3 in August.

Terry Steeves (#38)
I had high expectations going into Round 2. On Friday’s test and tune day we quickly got work on our list of improvements towards better traction and handling. Everything couldn’t have gone better with the rear end traction, but my progress was slower getting “feel” out of the front end. The front end proved to be an issue and I crashed getting on the throttle exiting turn 1. It would make for a busy time Friday night and Saturday morning, but thanks to our great gear the only damage to me was a few minor bruises. Saturday morning started with some work on the front end but an oversight on my part putting the forks back together cost us significantly in qualifying. I qualified 10th in Pro Superbike. Due to a red flag and a long delay in the Amateur Open race Saturday afternoon, the Pro Open race was rescheduled for Sunday. For us, this ended up being a fortunate change to the schedule, as I’d have Sunday morning to sort out my oversight from earlier. Sunday morning we were able to get the front end much better thanks in no small part to my teammate Adam Turner (ProTech Suspension). We were running a second quicker than in qualifying. The Superbike race started with a red flag on the first lap that brought us all back in to restart. The restarted race was a lot of fun because I was locked in a tight 4-rider battle. I was third in the group and felt I had the pace to get by the two riders in front of me, but because we were so close I would have to get them both at the same time. Unfortunately for us the checkered flag was waved a lap early ending the race. The Open Pro race wasn’t without its drama either. I broke my damper bracket early in the race and spent much of the race recovering from tank slappers that kept snapping the bars out of my hands. I knew something broke but felt I could ride through it and the racing was too close not to try. On the 10th lap for some unknown reason, corner 7 displayed a red flag. I was again locked in a 4 bike battle but per the rules I raised my arm to show I was stopping for the flag as did one of the other riders in our group. The other two riders in our battle missed the flag and continued racing. Once in sight of turn 9 and seeing that there was no red flag displayed there I resumed racing and eventually made a pass to regain one of the positions I had lost due to the marshals error. However the remaining laps proved to be pointless as officials decided to revert back to the last completed lap before the “false” red was displayed. This red ended up being an error that cost us. We are still running a pace that has us competing further up in the results, and I am optimistic that a little good luck, and a better start are in store for round 3.