Frederick Laflamme Race Report, Deschambault QC

June 18, 2009

On a bright and sunny Saturday and with the usual perfect track, the weekend was promising. Race results: during the first race in 65 GP, Frederick finished 5th. However, the results could have been very different considering how tight the race was between the first five racers. In the second round, Frederick moved back to 12th after one racer fell and slowed him down. He partly recovered and reached 8th place, to finish with a disappointing 6th overall. In the Supermini (85 & 100 cc), he unfortunately put his bike in neutral at the start. He still managed to make a comeback, jumping from 22nd to 13th. Needless to say, he smiled a big smile of relief at the finish line. In the second round, he went off track, moving back to 16th, but completed the race in 14th position. This shows how much he can still learn, racing against more experienced riders.       

Sunday was not as sunny but at least, it didn't rain. The 65 cc (10-11 yrs old) category seemed pretty busy as there were visiting racers from Quebec City. Reaching 3rd in the second lap and staying there until close to the end of the race, Frederick finished 4th, after numerous competitors fell in front of him, preventing him from making a last minute recovery. In the 85 cc (7 to 11 yrs old) category, Frederick finished 5th in both races, scoring 4th overall. In conclusion, Frederick