Fifth place for Steven Frossard in Italy

April 16, 2010

MX2, Mantova, Lombardia, 12 April 2010
Team CLS Kawasaki Pro Circuit riders Steven Frossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek are still sitting in challenging 4th and 8th placing in the series after the Italian GP.

Frossard gated well and looked comfortable as he moved from third to second after a few laps of the first race, racing in the wheeltracks of the defending champion Marvin Musquin until he stalled the motor in a sandy turn. Such was the lead which the leaders had over the rest of the field that he was able to rejoin the race in third place, but, his chances of the win gone, Steven sensibly took no risks as he rode a lonely race to finish in that position. Van Horebeek also started well in 6th position and, despite suffering a little arm pump, advanced impressively to 4th by the finish to consolidate his series ranking.

The team had an unfortunate second race. Frossard was already on the ground before the second corner as another rider lost control and hit his front wheel. Rejoining the race dead last he persevered to salvage 10th place and 11 valuable points which could prove vital later in the season. Van Horebeek's second start was not quite so good, but he was quickly advancing through the pack until an error as he went to pass Simpson for 5th place forced him to pit to straighten the damage incurred in the resultant crash. Rejoining the race outside the points positions the Belgian recovered to 18th at the finish.

The disappointing season of Kawasaki Bud Racing Rockstar's Nico Aubin continued; he failed to score a single point from the weekend as he struggles to find his known form, but both the rider and team will work even more resolutely over the next two weeks to turn their season around.

Steven Frossard: ‘For sure the weekend could have been better, but my second race was ruined just after the start when another rider lost control of his bike and hit my front wheel. I knew I had to try to recover as many places as possible quickly but I crashed again on the first lap and that left me dead last so I did pretty well to come back to 10th by the end of the race. The first race had been much better, but I stalled the engine in a turn when I was in second place and lost a lot of time; it's a shame because I had found a good rhythm and was racing with the leaders. Next week I will race a Dutch championship round in sand; it will be a perfect training before the GP at Valkenswaard.'

Jeremy Van Horebeek: ‘I was satisfied with my fourth position in the opening race even though I suffered a little with arm pump. My start was not so good in the second race, but I felt much more comfortable and charged back to 5th position behind Simpson after a few laps; I was looking to pass him over a jump but my rear wheel slipped out just before the take-off and I crashed when I landed. I had to stop at the pits to straighten my front wheel, and then I just concentrated on captured a few points. It was a frustrating mistake, and I will be looking forward to making up for it at the GP in Valkenswaard in two weeks time.'

Nicolas Aubin: 'It was another disappointing weekend for me. The qualifying race was already not what I expect as I only finished fifteenth and I should be doing better. I held the same position in race one before I crashed mid-race and missed the points, but the second start was much better. I nearly got the holeshot but another rider pushed me out and I lost many places; after that I was trying too hard to recover, made a couple of mistakes and stalled the engine. The race was finished. It's frustrating for me and for the team as well of course; we've worked hard for several months, and I just hope that we'll start getting the results we deserved soon.'