Cindy Trudel’s Race Report - Trois Rivières

July 15, 2009

Name: Cindy Trudel

Classe(s): Women

Serie(s): CMRC Quebec

Event date: June 27th & 28th 2009

Location: Trois-Rivières


Saturday:         1st moto: 2nd, 2nd moto: 2nd, Overall: 2nd   
Sunday:           1st moto: 3nd, 2nd moto: 5nd, Overall: 5nd   

Highlights:  On Saturday night, I hosted the pit bikes and derby demolition races.

Objectives for the next race: I always aim for the first position.

Favourite MX moment:  Saturday during the first race, I had to work really hard to secure a 2nd place finish. In the second race, while I was holding the 2nd  position with a 15 second advantage, I fell after hitting a big rock with my front wheel. Thankfully, I was ahead enough to keep my position and I finished 2nd overall. Sunday morning at the racer meeting, I received a lot of compliments about my Jac Motosport embroidered jersey. During the first race, I began in 2nd place but I made a mistake in a turn and I fell. I didn't have enough time to catch-up. I finished inches behind, and, almost side to side with the women in 2nd. A few more feet and I would have passed her. In short, I gave a good performance and the host saluted my efforts and impressive recovery. In the second race, I started 5th and I demonstrated assertiveness while passing other riders. When I was about to reach second, my adversary lost control of her bike and hit me. Unfortunately, I am the one who fell. Still, despite the fact that my handlebar and rear break lever were bent, I managed to finish 5th.

Special thanks to: Jac Motosport in St-Jerôme, Kimpex, Shot, Bell Helmet, Torco Fuel, Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc.