Cindy Trudel - A nice ending for my Nationals

August 17, 2009

Coming home from my last trip outside Quebec with a big smile!
Two very important races happened over the last 2 weeks.
On August 9, I finished my last race of the Nationals in Sand Del Lee, Ontario. My results were consistent throughout the year, and I was happy to see that I did a good job in the last round. I finished 11th even after choking my bikeat the 2nd heat race, which cost me 3 spots. All the same, I achieved my dream and my goal for the Nationals, which were to be in the top 10 in Canada. It is my first year at this race track, and I could not hope for better than this. It is really an excellent result and I am extremely happy. I will proudly display the number 10 on my motorcycle next year!
The TransCan took place from August 10 to 16 in Walton, Ontario. A gathering of the best female riders in Canada, this championship is held during one entire week, like mini Olympic Games. There were 3 heat races. I was definitely not lucky in the 1st race. With 2 corners to go, I was in 9th, when a lapper struck me. I had to free my motorcycle from hers, and when I stood up, another rider hit me again... Well, in short, I finished 16th and very frustrated! Luckily, things improved after that, and I finished 8th in the next race, with an excellent 5th place overall, my best result in Canada in 2009.
I still have a lot to do for the Provincials. And with the round I miss to participate in the Nationals, I am currently in 4th. It is a pity I have to play catch up, but I get better results every week and we are expecting even better before the end of the competition.