AMCRA Round 3 Race Report - Freedom Cycle

August 24, 2007

Terry Steeves (#38)
I was excited to get going for round 3 this year, for several reasons. First of all it's sort of looked at as the midway point in the Atlantic season,and I hadn't been on my home track in what seemed like forever. Sinc my last visit to AMP we've raced in Calgary and Mosport, and our thought were that the Calgary set-up would actually work pretty good here. Friday afternoon we ventured out in the testing session with our Calgary numbers to see what we could do. Let me just say it wasn't pretty. It was worth a try and we aren't sure why it didn't work the way we'd hoped but I knew the setup we had at our regional round 2 was good so that's where we went.

Track conditions were quite "green" on the weekend and in talking with several other riders the consensus was the same and times would likely be slightly slower leading up to Sunday. The Pro Open Race on Saturday afternoon is becoming one of my favorite. It's usually a big class, and it's the only race anyone does on Saturday so everyone hangs it out. I was quickly in a 3 way battle for third with Bill Clark and Rick Langille. Bill and I were behind Rick until lap 10. I was getting frustrated as trying to pass one bike around AMP is tough but two is much more difficult. Bill and I finally got by Rick on the 10th lap, and I felt the pace was slow, I knew I could go faster and I tried to pass Bill at every opportunity, but he wouldn't have it. He wasn't able to up the pace and rode defensively for the last few laps and protected the inside line at every opportunity. I was disappointed that I didn't get by, but satisfied that I could run a faster pace on the day.

In Sunday's Superbike Race it seemed like the same battle was at hand. The track was improving with better traction over the weekend and the race seemed a bit faster but again I was caught up in traffic I didn't want to be in. Caught behind Clark and Langille, I was able pass Clarke in turn 1 with 6 laps to go and close the gap on Langille, and Roberts. We just ran out of laps in the end. Overall it was a great weekend and I have to thank all our crew and sponsors for a great performance from everyone. We finish just off the podium in 4th for Open Pro and in 6th for Pro Superbike.