Sackville Motorsports Racing � Update

juin 21, 2007

SMS Racers All Achieve Personal Bests!

Atlantic Motorcycle Competition Riders Association (AMCRA) Round Two was filled with action throughout the weekend, and SMS Racing riders played an integral part. Saturday's qualifying had shown promise for each rider as they laid down some fast laps and got themselves in excellent grid positions for a great shot at running up front. Both of the primary-supported riders - Eric Stanley and John Bresnan - attained a third-place in two separate classes amongst a very strong field of riders. The best bounce-back of the weekend had to be Stanley on his Kawasaki ZX-10. He carried out an unscheduled asphalt inspection in Turn Seven in the early stages of his first race. Running second to Clint McBain (a national-level rider) at the time of the low-side, it is no small wonder Eric quipped afterwards, "Man....there is nothing like having a high-end racing suit....if I didn't....I would have come apart like a chicken!" With a big grin Eric went about repairing his bike and took to the track in his final race of the day. One would never think this guy just fell down at nearly 200 km/h less than an hour before, as he rolled across the finish line in third place!

John Bresnan has been steadily making gains on set-up with his new 2007 Kawasaki ZX-6R. Normally it takes quite some time to become familiar with a new bike and to fine-tune every aspect -- suspension, ECU mapping, rider-specific adjustments to the controls, etc. However, Bresnan appears to have made excellent gains in this area since the last round, with a season-best third-place finish in one class.

Bill Clark and Allan Chaulk, two riders who enjoy partial sponsorship from Sackville Motorsports, also produced personal-best results this weekend. Clark had unlocked some speed in the three race classes he rode in. His performance during each race was superb but in a field as deep as he was running in, the podiums don't come easy. Clark had moved his way through the field in each race only to become part of a train of riders all wheel-to-wheel and running at roughly the same pace. Several times Clark showed the rider up front his wheel, but a pass at that speed usually only comes as a result of the rider ahead making a mistake. Two near-opportunities to pass were made on the outside of Turn One, as Clark was a demon on the brakes entering the turn. But making a pass stick here is difficult with the rider up front riding the defensive line through. Clark was pleased with his results in the end, posting a personal best lap time in the high 1:11 range. He is looking forward to the next round where he can exploit his new-found speed and confidence.

Chaulk's performance over the entire weekend was one that he had only ever dreamed about achieving: two second-place finishes and a first-ever first-place finish. Chaulk had entered the weekend with a fresh outlook and a relaxed attitude....and it worked. He rode his 2005 Kawaskai ZX6-RR steadily and with purpose every time he entered the track. Gaining a better feel for the bike and riding with smoothness as a goal, Chaulk's lap times put him on the front row for each of the three classes he competed in. The concentration on smoothness and a lack of self-pressure, when compared to his Round One effort, translated into a comfortable and steady pace when it was time to race. Chaulk is excited about his results this past weekend and hopes the trend will continue; however, continued improvement will be the order of the day to accomplish such results again.

With the dealer principals looking on at each rider's race performance, the weekend came to a close on a high note. Each racer showed appreciation toward the management and staff of this small single-line company out of Middle Sackville, N.S., with regard to the racing effort the company as a whole brings forth.