LED Beacon Strobe Light

PART #: KAF080-079

Affix a Beacon Strobe Light to the roof of your Hard Cab Enclosure to alert others of your presence on the job site or when visibility is at a premium

  • Industrial grade components
  • LED bulbs
  • 40W / 12-80VDC
  • Acrylic amber colored lens and nylon base
  • SAE J575 and J845 compliant and waterproof to IP67 rating
  • Requires Hard Cab Enclosure - Hard Cab Enclosure required parts Hard Cab Enclosure Roof (KAF080-060), Hard Cab Enclosure Rear Panel (KAF080-061), Hard Cab Enclosure Doors (KAF080-062), and KQR Full Windshield - Glass (KAF080-041) all sold separately and requires Kawasaki Genuine Accessory Fuse Box (2015-2017) KAF080-042 or KAF080-076 (2018-2019) 99994-1082 and Rear Accessory Harness (KAF080-044) to operate
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Price: $639.27