PART #: 99999-0667

The KX FI Calibration Kit features a handheld KX FI Calibration Controller which enables riders to adjust engine characteristics, by rewriting actual data maps, to suit their preference


  • Use without a PC: simply plug the KX FI Calibration Controller in the engine’s ECU
  • Built-in color LCD screen with easy-to-use interface
  • SD card compatible for data transfer of maps between the controller and a PC
  • Seven pre-set settings for easy ECU adjustment to suit track conditions
  • ECU maps for fuel injection volume and ignition timing based on throttle position and rpm
  • The KX FI Calibration Controller displays the status of a running engine when connected to the ECU
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes transfer and diagnostic cables, SD memory card, user manual, and carrying case
  • Kit includes all required items for the (2019-2020) KX450
  • NOTE: If you already own KX FI Calibration kit (99999-0613/99999-0615) then you do not need to purchase KX FI Calibration Kit (99999-0667).    To use KX FI Calibration kit (99999-0613/99999-0615) on the (2019-2020) KX450 you will need (1) 92037-1794 Tube Clamp, (1) 26011-0933 Wire Harness and (1) 41080-0707 CD Software Upgrade (sold separately)

The KX FI Calibration Controller contains seven pre-set settings that can be quickly and easily used to adjust the ECU to suit track conditions. The provided settings are shown below.



  • Richer fuel setting - fuelling 5% richer than stock
  • Leaner fuel setting - fuelling 5% leaner than stock
  • Advanced ignition setting - ignition advanced 3o from stock
  • Retarded ignition setting - ignition retarded 3o from stock
  • Hard riding surface setting - ignition retarded, fuelling richer
  • Soft riding surface setting - ignition advanced, fuelling leaner
  • Beginner setting - engine power suppressed: ignition retarded, fuelling richer
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