Kawasaki S4-R Competition Oil - 1 Litre

PART #: K61021-079

Kawasaki S4-R Competition oil is specifcally engineered for use in high-output 4-stroke Road Racing, Motocross, Off-road, RUV, ATV, Jet Ski and supercharged engines.  Developed and tested using extensive racing experience, our advanced 100% synthetic 15W50 oil is scientifically blended with an extreme performance additive package to create a state-of-the-art racing oil.  Kawasaki S4-R oil provides the added confidence of conforming to the latest stringent JASO MA2 criteria.



  • Superior lubrication for maximum acceleration and horsepower
  • Superior protection at peak engine rpm
  • Excellent high temperature durability
  • Superb transmission performance
  • Excellent wet clutch performance
  • Wide viscosity range permits all season use
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness
  • Certified JASO MA2 performance
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Price: $18.99